This program is specifically for SPM/College/Diploma/Degree graduates living in the East Coast (PAHANG, TERENGGANU, KELANTAN). This program is a platform that provides space for those who are not yet working and will be given Professional Training related to Information Technology with ACES

THE ACES-ECER JOBS TRAIN AND PLACE PROGRAM was launched on 20 August 2021 as a training and marketability program to shape and guide youths in collaboration with industry experts in an effort to produce more IT-skilled youths who are competitive and ready for the global market as well as job seekers ( job seekers) who are skilled to meet the needs of the current industry.

Each graduate who participates in the program will be given specialized training from industry experts to prepare themselves with all IT -related knowledge. The target group for this program is SPM, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree & PhD graduates who have just graduated and have a high desire to learn IT fields that are important for the current global market.

For those of you who are interested in participating in THE ACES-ECER JOBS TRAIN AND PLACE PROGRAM, you need to register first and must attend the briefing at the place & time set later (virtually).

In THE ACES-ECER JOBS TRAIN AND PLACE PROGRAM you will be given IT-related professional training with the implementing company. You will receive intensive training from the designated implementing company.

You will be given 2 types of training namely Software Development & Creative Multimedia also “on job training” training modules include

While in “on job training”, you will receive a monthly allowance for the duration of the program (6 months).

THE ACES-ECER JOBS TRAIN AND PLACE PROGRAM is a good program because it can reduce unemployment and unequal pay issues. Not only that, it also trains you to have your own career as a “freelancer”.

The training provided in THE ACES-ECER JOBS TRAIN AND PLACE PROGRAM is also not the training typically learned in educational institutions. It is industry -specific training and is conducted with industry -leading experts and companies.

The training received by those who participate in this program is real training to face more challenging situations after completing the training later.

THE ACES-ECER JOBS TRAIN AND PLACE PROGRAM is a program provided to help you get training & job experience accompanied by a monthly allowance. This program can solve problems faced by you and employers in the industry. In fact, the modules in the program are also created specifically to make graduates more competitive & have a strong IT foundation before stepping into the real world.

If you have the credentials as stated, don’t waste time. Register quickly & join THE ACES-ECER JOBS TRAIN AND PLACE PROGRAM.